Green Day’s American Idiot (review)

Green Day’s American Idiot (review)
Green Day’s American Idiot (review)
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THE PLAY: This punk opera revolves around 3 friends who cope with the challenges of disillusionment and growing up in the 21st century.


THE PRODUCTION: This CD was in heavy rotation on my playlist, so I was already a fan of the music. Fortunately, this production lived up to my expectations…and then some! The opening number kicks ass all over the room and the creative force never lets up. This ensemble’s youthful exuberance and musical talent fill the theatre with rambunctious energy!  There are also somber moments of moving musical power. Director Adam B. Ferguson has brought all the elements together with superlative skill to capture the play’s heart, drama and theatrical force. Musical Director Matt Koon has created a solid band (all the actors play the accompanying instruments, some more than one) and the voices are usually powerful and effective. Overall, the women sing with more muscle, but hey, it’s punk, so it’s more about heart that voice. Kate Belleman’s choreography has a fun, distinctively  punky (and sometimes clunky) style, while Andrew Bonniwell’s dramatically-designed lighting is a major element in the show’s potency. The sound mix is usually good, but my only complaint is that the PA system didn’t have more balls to really rock the room.  (Running time: 1:50)


THE POINT: An exuberant cast and dynamic staging merge boundless energy and pop punk power to make this the best musical of the season.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 7/23




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