The Human Terrain (review)

The Human Terrain (review)
The Human Terrain (review)
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THE PLAY: An anthropologist is embedded with combat units in Iraq, but her empathy for a local woman results in an ethical dilemma. The drama flows between her interrogation and the actions that led up to it.


THE PRODUCTION: It’s a credit to director Carol Piersol that there’s not a weak member in the uniformly excellent cast and not one moment in this compelling drama that lacks energy or tension (whichever is required). McLean Jesse’s pivotal performance skillfully balances her character’s assurance and anxiety without ever grandstanding. Sara Heifetz so effectively inhabits her role that I didn’t even recognize her. The action moves fluidly between present and past, while maintaining tension, a credit to Piersol’s solid but subtle guiding hand. Tennessee Dixon’s flexible set makes effective use of the small space and Erin Barclay’s lighting reinforces the multiple locations.


THE POINT: A uniformly excellent cast and Carol Piersol’s solid guiding hand have created a compelling production that raises provocative questions.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A 5th Wall production at HATTheatre thru 4/11




  1. We just saw this on Saturday and agree with you on every point. Powerful play, impressive casting, unbreakable pacing. Too bad 5th Wall has seek venues all over town, but the trip is always worth it!

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