I Saw the Light (review)

I Saw the Light (review)
I Saw the Light (review)
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Biopics are most successful with some sort of creative approach that makes them more than a timeline recap. Unfortunately, this one (about country western singer Hank Williams) tries to hit too many high and low lights. As a result, it’s a choppy chronicle that doesn’t succeed well at creating a compelling story of his career or his personal life. You could probably read Wikipedia and get the same info. Brit actor Tom Hiddleston inhabits the character, thick Southern accent and all. His performance is charismatic and his singing is impressive. There are brief performance excerpts of Williams’ greatest hits and plenty of him drinking and having challenging relationships with women. The pacing stays at the same medium level throughout, which doesn’t make for dynamic cinema. The whole film feels choppy and incomplete, never taking the time to create any depth and true appreciation for this talented artist.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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