Idina Menzel (review)

Idina Menzel (review)
Idina Menzel (review)
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After keeping the audience waiting for 25 minutes, Idina Menzel kicked off the US leg of her world tour in RVA last nite. The show opened with a confusing video montage, then the backdrop gave way to abstract projections behind sheer white curtains. However, for the next 2 hours, the focus was always on Menzel (who’s gone blonde). Even though the theater’s mushy mix sometimes made the lyrics unintelligible, most of the audience knew them anyway. What the mix couldn’t hide was her undeniable powerhouse voice (one of the final numbers with no band and no mic was a magnificent demonstration of her raw singing talent). The sophisticated, interesting musical arrangements of her Broadway and album hits were performed by a tight 15-piece band (10 of which were local pickups). Between songs, her nimble repartee with the enthusiastic audience added to the show’s entertainment (her visit into the crowd was a delight). About midway thru the evening, she shed her shoes: without them, her performance became more emotionally focused and less about touching her hair. Menzel is her generation’s ultimate showbiz singer and this concert showcases her magnificent voice, unique stylings and undeniable personal charm.


Click here for more on the tour.


  1. Just for the sake of argument, I’ll argue that Audra McDonald (also coming soon to Richmond) is “her generation’s ultimate showbiz singer.” I know, I know … I’m old school.

  2. Audra is certainly a powerhouse too, but I’d argue back that Idina is (1) more well known by the general public (esp. after Frozen) and (2) more showbiz than Audra, who’s really more “theatre”

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