Jason Bourne (review)

Jason Bourne (review)
Jason Bourne (review)
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Matt Damon scowls his way thru another movie by Paul Greengrass, whose specialty is hard-driving action, shot and edited in such a frantic manner that it’s hard to follow. Bourne is lured out of hiding by his ex-CIA boss (Tommy Lee Jones) in an attempt to stop a dangerous data leak. Once it starts rolling, the film’s momentum is non-stop, but most of the stunts have been done before (with the exception of a crazy chase scene thru Vegas that defies physics). The operations machinations keep the audience wondering what’s next (and sometimes what’s happening), but there aren’t any surprises. Nothing new or exciting here, but the movie still supplies fast-paced, vigorous entertainment.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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