Jersey Boys (review)

Jersey Boys (review)
Jersey Boys (review)
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Usually, I don’t compare a book or play to the movie adaptation, but in this case it’s necessary. If you’re expecting the hit brought to the big screen, you’re in for a huge letdown. This dreary tale focuses on the unpleasant reality from the show without any of the life and fun that the music added. It chronicles the personal life behind The Four Seasons, but makes everyone unattractive and unlikable. They pose and argue like mini Sopranos without ever enjoying their success. Director Clint Eastwood has chosen equally harsh light and an ugly pallatte that makes the drama even more dreadful. To heap on the insult, their hits are often relegated to background music and that closing music video is just embarrassing.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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  1. My first disagreement with you, Jerry. I loved the Broadway play, and I loved the Jersey Boys movie. I was prepared for disappointment (yours is not the only negative movie review I read) but found it an engaging telling of a touching story. Good acting throughout. The movie lacks the joy of music that the show presents until Frankie’s comments at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but it’s still good. I agree the finale is too reminiscent of Slum Dog Millionaire, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me. Do you think my opinion has anything to do with my living in New Jersey? Nah.

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