La Cage aux Folles (Review)

La Cage aux Folles (Review)
La Cage aux Folles (Review)
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THE PLAY: First, a charming French film, then the American remake (“Birdcage”), now this musical. Two men own a popular St. Tropez cabaret: one manages and the other is the drag star. When their son announces he’s marrying the daughter of an archconservative, they try to “straighten” their life.


THE PRODUCTION: While the capable cast works hard, most of them don’t break thru to brilliant (Tyler D. Wilson was apparently cast for his voice). Even though some moments are fabulous, others are simply competent. Director Joe Pabst has crafted the pacing and comic bits to keep it entertaining, but it sometimes feels cluttered. The set is grand without being especially beautiful, while the lighting adds visual appeal. Costumes range from striking to slightly cheesy (and why must we see bras?). The recorded music sounds painfully artificial (surely synths are better than that by now).


THE POINT: An audience pleaser for the gay & gay-friendly crowd. Solid but seldom fabulous.


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