A Kid Like Jake (review)

A Kid Like Jake (review)
A Kid Like Jake (review)
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THE PLAY: A couple’s effort to get their 4-year-old son in a good kindergarten becomes a challenge as a result of his gender non-conforming expression.


THE PRODUCTION: While the talking points are checked off in the extended dialogue scenes, this play is more discussion than a drama. As the concerned parents, Heather Falks and Fred Iacovo acquitted themselves adequately, but couldn’t bring emotional resonance to the talky material. Nancy Callaway, who plays the school counselor, is forced and awkward. Director Keith Fitzgerald manages to maintain a level of concern, but there’s little variety or tension until everything is unloaded in 2 climactic scenes (one of which is awkwardly staged so that 2 actors obstruct each other). The primary colors and shapes of the set (T. Ross Aiken) and lights (Andrew Bonniwell) echo the pre-school milieu. The constant atmospheric sound design by Lucian Restivo was so subtle that it didn’t achieve its effect. Running time: 1:30 (no intermission)


THE POINT: While there are earnest moments, the sexual/political discussion lacks the drama to effectively deliver the message…or entertain.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


At Richmond Triangle Players thru 5/13


(L-R) Heather Falks, Fred Iacovo, Nancy Callaway (Photos by John MacLellan)

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