Little House, Big Heart

Little House, Big Heart
Little House, Big Heart
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Owners Erin Wright and Jessica Goldberg

Little House Green Grocery is far more than just grocery store. It is community. On New Year’s Eve 2011, Erin Wright and Jessica Goldberg bonded over their desire to see real food made convenient.  They formed a partnership determined to see a new kind of neighborhood grocery, one that valued whole food and the farmers and artisans behind it.


They make sure every customer is at home and comfortable; they want questions, they welcome ideas; they care and their passion is evident.


Customers run the gamut: hipsters to hippies to suits to students. Once inside the store, everyone is smiling, talking, sharing, checking out new deliveries of still warm bread, freshly baked goods and just-off-the-farm produce.


I march straight to the freezer, grab a pomegranate limeade pop (King of Pops). It seems like I’m left with just the stick, right after the first taste. This pop is exquisite, tart/sweet and the most refreshing of refreshing on these wicked hot and humid days.



3 Virginia Mills products

Along with the fine, carefully sourced pantry staples, Little House offers beer and wine, events and classes. This place is a treasure. Where else can you sign up for Backyard Chickens 101?  This little nook, tucked neatly into the Bellevue neighborhood has something that is a rare find; a food conscience.



Fresh from the farm


  1. Hi Kathy – Great to have you back in RVA. I’ll look for your reviews and recommendations. I’ll stop by this place for a King of Pop.

  2. We’re so very happy they’re in the ‘hood! The cinnamon buns are AWESOME, and King of Pops? Goes without saying! (We’re partial to Chocolate Sea Salt and Mango Mojito…)

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