Little Shop of Horrors (review)

Little Shop of Horrors (review)
Little Shop of Horrors (review)
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THE PLAY: Seymour works in a Skid Row florist where he nurtures a mysterious plant with a thirst for human blood. His lovely co-worker Audrey has boyfriend and self-image issues.


THE PRODUCTION: When the dynamo trio of backup singers launches the show, their powerhouse vocals bode well. Turns out, they’re the show’s best feature. Ian Page (as Seymour) nails the nerd, but misses the character’s comic potential. An almost unrecognizable Audra Honaker (Audrey) dialed back the role’s usual exaggerated accent and stereotyped style, but her vocal strength and comic timing work for her delightfully ditzy performance. Playing several supporting characters, Adam Mincks seems forced and seldom funny. Director Tom Width’s zippy pace keeps the fun flowing, but seemed rushed, not allowing time for tender moments. He shockingly turned the emotional high point of “Suddenly Seymour” into a sexy grind that ruined its sweetness. Width’s design of a back alley/florist shop is fine and Joe Doran’s lighting is colorful. Maura Lynch Cravey’s sexy/slutty dresses are the highlight of her costumes. Between the muffling effect of the set and the uneven mix of the PA, the band (under the direction of Travis West) lacked punch.


THE POINT: While it’s mounted with strong singing and lively energy, this production needs more warmth to give the comedy heart.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 5/21




Little Shop of Horrors at Swift Creek Mill Theatre

Ashlee Arden Heyward (Ronnette), Jessi Johnson (Chiffon), Katrinah Carol Lewis (Crystal). Photos by Robyn O’Neill.

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