Living in the Key of “B” Unnatural (review)

Living in the Key of “B” Unnatural (review)
Living in the Key of “B” Unnatural (review)
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THE PLAY: A woman who used to be a successful physician is now living in a ratty one-room apartment and street soliciting for money. Her friends try to help her cope, especially when an important letter arrives.


THE PRODUCTION: This is a new work by Jarry Maple, Jr., who also wrote their production of “The Dream Seller and the Forest Dwellers” (my review here). Unfortunately, it’s very flawed: clunky plotting with abrupt transitions, unmotivated emotions and illogical outcomes. So, this production is already hampered by the script. Director Toney Q. Cobb hasn’t helped matters by allowing an acting style that’s more presentational than natural. His staging is either static, aimless or awkward. Although the cast obviously has skill, Haliya Roberts is the only actor who manages to feel natural (Isaiah Entzminger grabs glances at the audience, which takes us out of his character). Running time: 1:16


THE POINT: The numerous challenges of this clumsily-written play aren’t helped by overacting and ungainly direction.


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


A production of The Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company at Hickory Hill Community Center thru 9/22


Crystal Wiley-Perry (front), Haliya Roberts & Isaiah Entzminger (back)

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