In Love We Trust (review)

In Love We Trust (review)
In Love We Trust (review)
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THE PLAY: This isn’t a play or even a musical revue. Just 4 people singing popular songs.


THE PRODUCTION: There’s no real narrative or substantial patter, just a combination of popular songs around the theme of love. The foursome has pleasant voices, delivering the songs in a neutral style. The only number with a touch of emotion was Robyn O’Neill’s rendition of “Alfie.” The staging is loose with the singers wandering about the open space (in addition to the traditional risers, there’s seating on stage). They were singing into mics, but the voices sometimes didn’t cut thru in the PA system. It didn’t really matter, since the space is so intimate and they were usually strong enough to be heard. Surprisingly, Musical Director Anthony Williams didn’t rework any of the arrangements for a fresh approach, but his work on the keyboard was the highlight of the 3-piece band. Running time: 1:10 (no intermission)


THE POINT: This is a pleasant, casual evening of song. A little creativity in the presentation or arrangements would have made the experience more special.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


At HATTheatre thru 12/14



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