Maleficent (review)

Maleficent (review)
Maleficent (review)
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Angelina Jolie gets crisply chiseled cheeks and a horned headdress as the villainous star of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty legend. This is one of those origins stories that upends expectations and reveals the sad, touching truth behind the wicked profile. Luckily, Jolie is up to the demands. Her commanding performance is the film’s strongest feature. The writing is not special, the visuals tend toward high-end animation and the 3 fairies that are supposed to provide comic relief don’t. Luckily, its short running time (97 minutes), brisk pace and Jolie’s presence help make this a moderately enjoyable film.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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  1. I actually liked the film, and I dId not expect that response. I like that we leaned about Maleficent’s past, ( as we learned about the Wicked Witch in WICKED) I thought it was a lovely story about “true love.”

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