Markets “spring” to life

Markets “spring” to life
Markets “spring” to life
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Birds chirping? Buds on trees? Daffodil soldiers battling their way upwards? Days getting longer?! Who cares about losing that hour when spring is on the horizon. Here in Richmond, on those first days the thermometer tops 55 degrees, it’s as if the prison locks have melted and everyone scatters toward the sun. Streets are littered with joggers and parks peppered with scantily clad sun soakers and sporty folks alike.



And for me, not being the Ultimate Frisbee type, I hustle on over to the nearest farmers’ market. While our produce has not yet begun to reflect the changing seasons, it’s still a distinct pleasure to walk unencumbered by parkas, scarves, hats and mittens among the stands at the market – shaking off the cobwebs of winter and saying hello again to the bread, dairy, meat and honey vendors, the fish monger, the nice family selling their yarns and knitwear and saying hello to their livestock with a coo and a pat on the head – all with a hot cup of Alchemy coffee and an equally hot Mrs. Yoder’s donut ($2) in hand(s).


If you’re not so much a market goer, let me appeal to your weekend breakfast warrior side. Forgo the lines for your frittata, forgo the commitment to one menu, forgo four walls for that matter: take your partner, take your dog, take the whole family for that matter, and sample one, or all, of the food trucks at the South of the James Market. Sip your coffee and eat your breakfast in the park under the sun, and soak up some good people watching, too.



This past Saturday (in addition to that cup of coffee and donut) I tried Jadean’s Smokin’ Six-O BBQ‘s bacon, egg and cheese hot breakfast sandwich, served on a soft, buttery homemade roll the size of a Telletubby’s head ($4). And if you’re the must-have-mimosa type (don’t worry, I totally get it), wander on over to the Grayhaven Winery‘s stall. There are always tastings. Win-win, my friend.


See you next weekend!


For a list of local markets, click here



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