Money Heist (review)

Money Heist (review)
Money Heist (review)
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This started as a small Spanish TV series, but when Netflix got involved, it became a huge international phenom. The premise for Season One is that a group of disparate types (all given city names to protect their identities) sets out to invade the country’s Federal Reserve Bank. While they stage a sham robbery with hostages upstairs, they’re literally printing millions of bills downstairs. Season 2 and 3 follow their adventures escaping, dispersing around the world, then plotting a 2nd outrageous robbery (the Bank of Spain, where they plan to melt down all the gold). The big draw to this series is the intricate plotting that outsmarts the law. Although they come up with clever ruses and always seem one step ahead of the authorities, it does sometimes seem a bit too flawless, even with the setbacks. You have to just go with it and enjoy the complications. On top of that, there’s LOTS of “passion.” Even during the heist, people are hooking up. After a few episodes, I started fast forwarding thru these romantic encounters…unless one of the several hot men is shirtless, which happens a lot (they are Latin, after all). Sadly, Season 4 features virtually NO shirtless moments and even more emotional encounters, but I just  hit that fast forward to look for the next showdown. Ultimately, this is an over-the-top heist series with lots of inventiveness and big scale drama. (Dubbed in English)


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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