Monsters: Dark Continent (review)

Monsters: Dark Continent (review)
Monsters: Dark Continent (review)
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A soldier takes a foto of his comrades, “Let me get this while you still have your legs” and within 5 minutes, one of them gets their legs blown off. That’s an example of the awful writing and haphazard plotting that plagues this film. It’s actually a wretched war movie with a few giant aliens roaming around and never posing a threat. Four buddies from Detroit enlist to the Middle East to help in the fight (on another weird note: the Middle East is NOT the Dark Continent). The whole thing is noisy, illogical and full of hysterical overacting (and so many man tears). These troops actually face more threats from the indigenous insurgents than the monsters, which makes no sense. If it hadn’t been for the creatures, which at least looked cool, there would be nothing to recommend this mess. (Criterion Cinema only)


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


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