Newsies (review)

Newsies (review)
Newsies (review)
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THE PLAY: This musical is set in 1899 NYC, when newspapers were sold by poorly-paid newsboys. When publisher Joseph Pulitzer raises prices, they go on strike.


THE PRODUCTION: In many ways this is a traditional musical, but the dynamic staging boosts the production beyond those limits. The rousing ensemble numbers explode with boundless energy, strong voices and amazing athletic choreography. The actors bring their characters charmingly to life and there are a few standout solos (esp. Joey Barreiro’s stirring Act One closer). The short, snappy dialogue scenes add humor and humanity, but every time those boys fill the stage, the show soars. Visually, it’s a knockout! A spectacular steel structure dominates the stage and constantly changes configuration. It’s enhanced with projections and exciting lighting.


THE POINT: See this one for the rousing ensemble and vibrant staging.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Presented by Broadway in Richmond at the Altria Theater thru 11/8

(See the website for video of the ensemble)



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  1. What a great show! I saw it at Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey (with my 9-year old nephew) before it went to Broadway and was blown away by the choreography, the energy and talent of the performers. The story is a terrific tale too.

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