No More Tales

No More Tales
No More Tales
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In April 1997, the world (and the web) were very different places. That’s when I launched “Tales from the Grips,’ featuring news and dirt of Richmond’s film, video and audio community.


Back when it started, the web was a relatively new phenomenon for local companies, especially for a sole proprietor. In doing research, I determined that my new website had to do more than showcase my resume. Since the local chapter of the International Television Association had recently disbanded, there was no local outlet for the production community to come together or communicate. And that was the beginning.


Back then, email was relatively new, so I faxed notices to local production companies asking them to contribute news. Once it caught on, there were more than 2000 hits a week, especially on Mondays, when the new “issue” was published.


Due to changes in the way we communicate, I’m bringing “Tales” to an end. Between list serves and social media, everyone communicates their news more efficiently.  Much of the news on “Tales” has been supplanted by casting notices and crew searches. There are still some job postings and occasional “hot poop,” but I’ve just lost interest in cutting and pasting other organizations news.


So, this marks the end of “Tales” after almost 20 years. How’s that for poop!

For those who wish to reminisce, the issues of “Tales” since SIFTER started are under the “Tales” tab (duh).



  1. Jerry, what a phenomenal run, and how I will miss the “check-ins” to see what the “poop” is!
    Thank you for all you have done for the production and post-production communities these many years. <3 Love you.

  2. Just one more comfortable trip union you have made to the Richmond zarts community. Good on ya.

  3. Farewell, Tales. You served us well. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for everything that you have done for the local industry! Enjoy your Sunday evenings!

  5. Many thanks for your selfless dedication over the years for compiling and writing
    “Tales”. Now my Monday mornings will never be the same!

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