The Quality of Life (Review)

The Quality of Life (Review)
The Quality of Life (Review)
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THE PLAY: A straight laced couple from the Midwest is recovering from the loss of their daughter. A free-spirited California duo is facing a terminal illness. Even though they’re cousins, their opposing approaches to life cause debate, turmoil and tragedy (sprinkled with humor).


THE PRODUCTION: This is the kind of play that actors love: There are plenty of deep emotions and everybody gets their big moment. Luckily, this cast is up to the demands. Michael Hawke is effectively stoic and suffers convincingly. Scott Melton provides the right amount of stuffy restraint. The women give the play its power (after all, the writer is female). Kerrigan Webb Sullivan’s seemingly flighty character goes beyond her humorous innocence to impressive depths. Ultimately, this show belongs to Jacqueline Jones in an assured, low-key tour de force performance that features one of the most gut-wrenching climaxes I’ve seen on stage. Director Deejay Gray has kept the staging simple and allowed the actors to excel. The 2nd act drags the drama a bit, which isn’t his fault.


THE POINT: This powerful drama poses deep questions and answers them with strong theatre and compelling performances.





At HATTheatre thru 2/16



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