Rebecca (review)

Rebecca (review)
Rebecca (review)
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Lily James plays a relatively naïve woman working in Monte Carlo, when she’s swept away by a dashing English aristocrat (Armie Hammer). They end up married and moving back to his enormous estate. Meanwhile, the memory of his first wife pervades the property and haunts his memory, which isn’t helped by the sinister housekeeper (Kristin Scott Thomas in the movie’s most juicy role). First off, the scenery and rich locations are beautifully showcased (only 2 rooms were sets). Secondly, the other performances are adequate, while never especially compelling. Finally, the story’s twists are the most interesting part of the film. I’ve never seen the Hitchcock original, so no comparisons, but l’d imagine this version is certainly more romantic and lush than suspenseful. Still entertaining.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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