Red Sparrow (review)

Red Sparrow (review)
Red Sparrow (review)
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Jennifer Lawrence teams up again with her director from the “Hunger Games” series, but this time they’re playing down the action and ramping up the intrigue. She plays a Russian ballerina who becomes a ramped-up spy. There are almost no moments of action and a few sadistic torture scenes, but most of the film relies on a complex web of seduction, maneuvering and deception. Lawrence brings a steely coldness to her character (and some ferocious bangs). She seldom smiles or even gets to enjoy her deceptions or victories. The intrigue usually keeps you guessing, but there are some plot points that strain credibility. If you’re expecting kick-ass action like last year’s ATOMIC BLONDE, you’ll find this espionage thriller more somber and serious than exciting.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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