Rene Z & Christina A get twisty (reviews)

Rene Z & Christina A get twisty (reviews)
Rene Z & Christina A get twisty (reviews)
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In 2019, two established actors showed up on Netflix in these twisty series.


DEAD TO ME (Netflix)


Christina Applegate plays a woman who’s just lost her husband in a car accident. She becomes fast friends with another woman (Linda Cardellini), when they meet at a support group. Even though it starts with lots of talk, once things start to go wrong, they go deliciously amiss. The cast does a good job, but what makes this series so enjoyable is that every episode ends with a shocking twist. As a result, it keeps you watching, just to see where it can possibly go next. (Ten 30-minute episodes)

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


WHAT/IF (Netflix)


Before Renée Zellweger made her multi-award-winning splash as Judy (my review), she made her “comeback” in this 2019 series. It starts out looking like Indecent Proposal: She plays a rich, powerful exec who offers a woman (Jane Levy) financial backing if she can spend one nite with the woman’s sexy husband (Blake Jenner). The plot quickly swings in a different direction with the couple doing daring things to protect her business and their marriage. While it’s definitely got a potboiler approach, there are sufficient twists to keep you guessing. Plus, Zellweger is loving every moment of her evil character. Trashy fun. (Ten one-hour episodes)

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)



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