REVIEW: Next to Normal (Cadence & VA Rep)

REVIEW: Next to Normal (Cadence & VA Rep)
REVIEW: Next to Normal (Cadence & VA Rep)
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THE PLAY: A rock musical (minimal dialogue) about a mother with mental issues and how the family copes.


THE PRODUCTION: When a show is mostly music, you need strong singers and this cast is spectacular. The whole show packed with passion, but there are two show-stopping, gut wrenching highlights. Director Chase Kniffen’s staging keeps the energy flowing, but there are tech issues: When the band is revved up (which is a lot), it’s hard to hear the lyrics, which undermines their poetic power. Fix the mix! Dramatic flashy lighting looks cool, but often leaves the actors with raccoon eyes. This obscures the soul of their performances. The video projections are simply a distraction.


THE POINT: A modern, mature subject in a powerful package. A vocal tour de force.


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  1. “Next to Normal” is produced by Cadence Theatre in partnership with Virginia Rep.

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