Soulmates (review)

Soulmates (review)
Soulmates (review)
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The central concept of this 6-part series is that a test has been developed that can find a person soul mate. Each episode approaches this basic conceit in a different direction. Sometimes a person questions their current relationship when their test comes back and other times a twist of fate alters their experience. The cast is comprised of recognizable actors who all do fine. If this series sounds like a new season of Black Mirror, that’s because it was created by William Bridges who wrote 2 of those episodes, along with Brett Goldstein, writer for Stranger Things. As expected, some episodes work better than others. They all start out with promise and some deliver, while others take too long for a disappointing finish. Still, it’s an interesting series.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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