Space Force (review)

Space Force (review)
Space Force (review)
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This series is coincidentally based on the service created by our current administration, but takes it in a comic direction. Steve Carell stars as the new head of the branch, channeling the gravely gristle of George C. Scott in Patton. He plays the arrogant, ignorant buffoon and leaves most of the punch lines to others, esp. John Malkovich as the project’s lead scientist. The adjective that most adeptly describes this series is UNEVEN. There are moments in every episode that are funny, but there are plenty of times when the humor falls flat (or doesn’t even materialize). The cast of strong supporting characters also shines, although the subplot with the daughter sidelines the story with a weak attempt at adding emotional resonance. When this show “lands” it generates giggles, but more often it simply crashes. The final episode leaves it wide open for a 2nd season. (Eight 30-minutes episodes)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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  1. 3.5 stars seems a lot for a mostly negative review?

    • Good point. I dropped it to 3. If u watch lemme know what u think.

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