Tales from the Loop (review)

Tales from the Loop (review)
Tales from the Loop (review)
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Some science fiction relies on cool action in high tech worlds, while some focuses on the effects technology has on people. This series touches on both, as it takes a measured, dramatic approach to storytelling that’s ultimately rewarding, but requires patience to get there. The series features much of the same ensemble, but each episode focuses on the experiences of one or more residents in a town where a wondrous machine makes anything possible. Nathaniel Halpern (who wrote some of the mind-bending FX series Legion) created this show, but it has a more deliberate, less visually-dazzling style that’s populated by the clunky retro-mechanical structures inspired by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. While some may find it pretentious and slow, I consider the style cinematically self-aware. Much of the technology is never explained and the Loop doesn’t always affect the outcomes. Still, the personal stories are compelling in their complexity and surprise. NOTE: Directors include Jodi Foster and Andrew Stanton.

(7 one-hour episodes on Amazon Prime Video)


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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