The Altruists (review)

The Altruists (review)
The Altruists (review)
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THE PLAY: What starts as 3 separate relationships merges into 1 plot, as the lives of 5 people intertwine. It takes place the day of a protest that some of them plan to attend.


THE PRODUCTION: This plays like an edgy, modern take on British bedroom farces and that requires split-second timing and robust comic chops. This ensemble nails it: they create fascinating characters and manage the manic pace with superb skill. Every performance is a standout! The opening monologues start at a high pitch and the show maintains the rapid-fire dialogue to a frantic climax. Even though, many scenes go on too long and the frenzied pace becomes draining. The scenes are cinematically intercut: the action shifts with lightning precision. Director kb saine flawlessly orchestrates the quick-cut style for every laugh. The set by Daniel Allen is effectively designed and surprisingly elaborate for the small space. (Joshua Gutierrez, stop fidgeting with your clothes.)


THE POINT: With a frantic pace and superb cast, this production entertains with edgy energy and manic comedy.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Produced by TheatreLAB at The Basement thru 8/8










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