The Hero (review)

The Hero (review)
The Hero (review)
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This movie was written for Sam Elliott and it’s a blessing for us and him. He gives a performance of such beautiful subtlety and touching depth that he will surely appear on this year’s awards nominations. He plays a 70+ actor who’s iconic role was in a Western 40 years ago. He’s still struggling to maintain, while smoking a lot of pot and dealing with a cancer diagnosis. His interactions with the rest of the excellent cast (including Katharine Ross, his real-life wife) intensify his longing and add underplayed passion to the story. The occasional venture into artsy dream sequences slows the pace and adds more pretention than meaning. Despite a script that’s overload with the character’s frustrations, the movie is worth seeing for Elliott’s nuanced and moving portrayal.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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