The Identical (review)

The Identical (review)
The Identical (review)
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In this peculiar twist on the separated-at-birth scenario, one twin becomes a famous rock star, while the other struggles with his calling…is it God or Rock and Roll? To make it even more bizarre, the man who plays both twins (Blake Rayne in his awful acting debut) is a former Elvis impersonator, who bears an uncanny look and sound to a cartoon version of The King. Why would they use such an obvious Elvis in a story that isn’t about Elvis? Ray Liotta, who plays his preacher father, has plumbed the nadir of his career, then you discover that he’s Exec Producer…yikes! The script feels like the worst TV movie ever, the pacing is torture and the original songs are banal and obvious. This is the true meaning of a disaster movie. It only earned 1 star for the hilarious period art direction/wardrobe.


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


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