The Kitchen (review)

The Kitchen (review)
The Kitchen (review)
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Since Melissa McCarthy & Tiffany Haddish are known for their comedy, you might expect a fun look at gangster life. You’d be mistaken. This is a serious story about 3 women who start running their Hell’s Kitchen branch of the Irish mob after their husbands are jailed. All of the actors are strong, but it’s actually, the 3rd star (Elisabeth Moss) who turns in the most compelling performance (along with the always wonderful Margo Martindale in a supporting role). The story follows typical gangster guidelines, but the machinations seem too simplified for such a complex situation. While it’s never boring, the bland direction by first timer Andrea Berloff renders it rather tame (even with a few acts of mild violence). A bit of humor would have made the dramatic moments more effective. See it for the women in the leads, but don’t expect a memorable mobster drama.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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