The Lone Ranger (Review)

The Lone Ranger (Review)
The Lone Ranger (Review)
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Yet another modern adaptation that details the creation of the myth (and sets us up for sequels). This time, a city-slicker prosecutor (Armie Hammer) dons the famous mask to team up with a multi-layered Tonto (would you expect anything less from Johnny Depp?). The plot revolves around the advancement of the railroad in the Old West and so do all 3 of the action sequences, which are full of daring do and spectacular stunts. The rest of the time is dialogue in the dessert…a lot of it.,,too much (this is 2.5 hrs). And it’s often in jarring modern slang. While the leads are both OK and the movie never bores, it never captures the imagination or thrills the spirit. Look for VCU grad Brad Greenquist as one of the shareholders.


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