The Lovers (review)

The Lovers (review)
The Lovers (review)
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This film should be considered a melodrama, not because of the traditional definition, but because of the wretched orchestral accompaniment that pervades this film like a soap opera. Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-time couple in a stale marriage. Both of them are having an affair and headed for divorce when they re-discover their love for each other. Since the plot is relatively simple, it’s up to the performances and direction to make it work. Luckily, Winger and Letts are both wonderfully nuanced as the couple in a complex situation. The filmmaking is less successful. In addition to the music that’s distracting as hell, the plot meanders thru the interactions with an “adult” pace (meaning slow). Still, this film tells a mature and appealing story.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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