The Mummy (review)

The Mummy (review)
The Mummy (review)
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This is the first “Dark Universe” movie. It’s an attempt from Universal Studios to create a big movie franchise. As an IP launch, it’s a complete dud. From the trailer, it looks like a big disaster flick with the ancient Egyptian goddess returning to wreak havoc. In reality, it’s more of an intimate encounter with lots of dialogue (there are basically only 6 characters). Tom Cruise heads the roster. He’s trying to create a devil-may-care character, but it’s not convincing. Meanwhile, the story is dull, the visual effects aren’t unique or innovative and the action sequences are never especially original or exciting. There’s nothing to recommend this movie (unless you enjoy seeing Cruise shirtless for a few seconds).


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


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