Those Harvey Girls (review)

Those Harvey Girls (review)
Those Harvey Girls (review)
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THE PLAY: This is simply a gospel concert framed with recollections from the three sisters who grew up singing and living in the area. Six other actors portray them in flashbacks to younger years.


THE PRODUCTION: This talented trioX3 can sing and that’s what the show’s about. As they recall their experiences, the sisters have a natural onstage ease. The younger versions show less personality, but make up for it with plenty of energy. Director/playwright Tom Width has provided a straightforward structure without much in the way of theatrical creativity. While you can always hear the strong voices, Paul Diess and his band’s musical contributions lose some of their effectiveness strained thru the PA system (putting them onstage would have added a lot). The front porch set is fine, but some of the costumes are less than flattering.


THE POINT: This gospel concert is a showcase for talented singers with enjoyable personalities.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 3/7

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