Timbuktu (review)

Timbuktu (review)
Timbuktu (review)
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When religious fundamentalists occupy a village in West Africa, they impose their beliefs and bans on the citizens. This leads to oppression and resistance. One man lives peacefully with his wife and child in a remote tent until an accident brings the occupants’ laws to their reality. Not only does this film reveal the irrational tyranny and tragedy brought by the Jihadists, it provides glimpses into the small town life in this part of the world. The story isn’t structured in a traditional sense, but is rich with cultural observations. The pace is leisurely, the emotion is underplayed and the narrative takes a back seat to the way of life, but it’s still a interesting examination. In subtitles. (Criterion Cinema only)


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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