Twelfth Night (review)

Twelfth Night (review)
Twelfth Night (review)
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THE PLAY: A woman who’s shipwrecked in a strange land disguises herself as a man. Thus begins a comedy of mistaken-identity romances.


THE PRODUCTION: The play alternates between earnest declarations of love and amusing interactions of comic characters. This production excels when the buffoonery is center stage (especially the broad yet spot-on fun of Thomas Cunningham and Evan Nasteff). Although the performances of the romantic actors are solid, it’s the farce that carries the night. Steve Perigard’s delightful direction is filled with energetic staging and imaginative use of Zachary Townsend’s simple set (a few curtains and benches). The “letter” scene is an hilariously-crafted season highlight. Instead of modern dress, the actors are costumed in mostly early 20th century style (allowing Anna Bialkowski to design knickerbockers and dresses that range from dowdy to lovely).


THE POINT: Under Steve Perigard’s delightful directorial hand, this cast shines at bringing out the comic pleasures of the “Night.”


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Quill Theatre’s Richmond Shakespeare Festival at Agecroft Hall thru 6/26




12th Night-2485-X3

Liz Blake White as Olivia and Thomas Cunningham as Malvolio (Photos by Aaron Sutton)

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