Uncanny Valley (review)

Uncanny Valley (review)
Uncanny Valley (review)
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THE PLAY: A scientist coaches an artificial being as it transforms from a robotic android into a realistic approximation of a human. What starts as a scientific treatise on artificial intelligence evolves into an ethical debate on synthetic consciousness.


THE PRODUCTION: Alexander Sapp skillfully creates a subtle and compelling transformation from mechanical to man, while delightfully conveying the character’s humorous observations. Jacqueline Jones captures the warmth required of her character, but fell short on the detached objectivity of a scientist. (She also self-consciously fidgeted with her clothes.) Morrie Piersol has directed the dialogue and minimal action effectively, even though the extended final scene lacked emotional punch. Michael Todd’s set is an adequate low-budget take on a futuristic motif, while Laurel Maughan’s wardrobe lacked any hint of futuristic design. Bryan Connolly’s music adds to the mechanical milieu of the play.


THE POINT: This is more a slight study than a fully-fleshed play, more scientific than dramatic, but the actors managed to make it come alive.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


Produced by 5th Wall Theatre at HATTTheatre thru 10/3


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