Unexpected Tenderness (review)

Unexpected Tenderness (review)
Unexpected Tenderness (review)
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THE PLAY: Playwright Israel Horovitz depicts a Jewish family in the ‘50s that’s headed by suspicious father. It’s told mostly thru his eyes as a boy.


THE PRODUCTION: Fred Iacovo effectively captures the father’s dysfunctional power (and accent), but feels less authentic in the emotional moments. As the younger version, Nick Dauley is capably sensitive, but his accent isn’t as successful. The rest of the ensemble is strong with Eva DeVirgilis capturing moments of comedy and calamity with equal effectiveness (although her “bruises” were unrealistically blotchy). Under the assured direction of Bill Patton thoughtful moods were created that gave the show emotional richness. The high-energy timing of Act 1 was weakened by the less-focused script in Act 2, which gives way to more personal encounters before the climax that falls short. Eric Kinder’s cozy living room/kitchen attractively captured the period, while most of Shelia Russ’ costumes were appropriate (slim pants were one exception).


THE POINT: A solid cast under the capable direction of Bill Patton offers an often-compelling look at family dysfunction.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


A CAT Theatre & 5th Wall Theatre production at CAT thru 2/13


NOTE: The playwright will be in town for after-show talkbacks 1/29 & 30.


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(L-R) Victoria Eriavez, Eva DeVirgilis, Fred Iacovo, Linda Beringer, William Blair, Nick Dauley (Photo by Jay Paul)

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