Venus in Fur (review)

Venus in Fur (review)
Venus in Fur (review)
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THE PLAY: After a frustrating day of auditions for a play about masochism, a final actor shows up. As they start to read the script, her dizzy demeanor changes and their interaction delves deeper.


THE PRODUCTION: What starts as an awkward audition, turns into an extended read thru with the duo stopping for analysis (and often funny comments from Maggie Roop’s character). Roop is comically spot-on, playing the perplexed ditsy type she does so well. Her transformation is compelling and persuasive, but could have used a bit more heft. James Ricks is subtly brilliant: evolving thru a range of emotions, as he becomes seduced by the play’s power-play. Their interaction is fascinating, but bogs down slightly in the middle (when it turns into an extended discussion of passion and truth). Still, director Matt Shofner has guided his two accomplished actors with nimble staging and a quiet hand, allowing their inherent skill to excel. The warehouse office by Adam Dorland is simple but successful (with an attractive skyline) and Michael Jarett’s lighting adds drama and variety to the space. Emily Atkins had created some lovely period costumes (and a nice bit of kink, as well).


THE POINT: Two dynamic performances turn this unusual play into an intriguing theatrical experience.


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


A production of TheatreLAB & Yes, And! Entertainment at The Basement thru 5/7




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