Vox Lux (review)

Vox Lux (review)
Vox Lux (review)
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Comparisons to the current A Star Is Born are inevitable, but there’s no comparison on any level. This somewhat experimental film wears its edgy credentials all over the place: random visual styles, quirky editing, heavy-handed, even melodramatic score (not to mention the clunky narration). It follows a young woman as she endures a traumatic event, then goes on to become a pop star. The role is first played by Raffey Cassidy, then after about 45 minutes, by Natalie Portman, Confusingly, all of the other main roles keep the same actors for both time periods. This role gives Portman a chance to strap on a New York accent, become a ranting, self-absorbed rock star with personal issues (nothing new here) and even perform a mini concert (songs by Sia). The film tries to make some statements and dazzle with showy style. Even so, there’s still a weirdly compelling aspect that keeps it from being a totally self-indulgent mess.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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