Love Wedding Repeat (review)

Love Wedding Repeat (review)
Love Wedding Repeat (review)
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The story takes place in Rome, where Sam Claflin is about to declare his affection for a women he briefly met (Olivia Munn). An interruption disrupts their potential relationship until several years later, when his sister is getting married and Munn comes to the wedding. At this point the nuptial hijinks are supposed to start and they do…on the surface. However, none of the dialogue is especially witty and the potentially hilarious setups fall flat. Claflin is doing his handsome best to channel Hugh Grant (particularly Four Weddings and a Funeral), but he doesn’t possess the comic charm to pull it off. Munn is mildly appealing, while the supporting characters that are supposed to add quirky charm…don’t. Much of this goes back to a script that’s overwrought in its plotting and simply lacking genuinely amusing situations. Plus, there’s an embarrassingly trite soundtrack. Even with the time-shifting twist that pops up late in the film, the whole thing feels forced and not funny.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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