Where to Invade Next (review)

Where to Invade Next (review)
Where to Invade Next (review)
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Michael Moore travels around the world to “invade” countries and claim their best ideas for us to adopt. They include everything from gourmet school lunches in France to cushy prisons in Norway to legalized drugs in Portugal. Of course, each of the concepts shows how other countries have solved problems that plague us: poor education, high crime, failing workforce, sexism. The situations usually include Moore’s humorous observations, which can also be interpreted as subversive jabs at our society’s faults. Almost every segment goes on too long, which results in viewer fatigue before it’s over. Usually entertaining with an always frustrating message, it undermines the assumption that everything is better at home. Sadly, since it’s a doc, few people will see it and its valid ideas won’t likely land on our shores.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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