Wiener-Dog (review)

Wiener-Dog (review)
Wiener-Dog (review)
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Let me start by saying we’re going on our 2nd doxie and this film captures NONE of the charm or personality of the breed (the one in the movie was over-trained and practically comatose). By the same token, this dark comedy is only dark. There are NO funny moments (with the possible exception of a musical “intermission”). The narrative follows the unhappy lives of 4 people, including Danny DeVito & Ellen Burstyn. Only the 1st story even features the dog …in the other 3, it’s just an ornament. Director Todd Solondz nailed this type of somewhat sick humor in “Happiness,” but this time, the plights of the people aren’t interesting and the writing is flat. The final scene of the dog getting run over is especially disturbing and not necessary. LOCAL NOTE: Look for up-and-coming RVA actor Devin Druid playing a film student.


1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)


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